Updates, Events, and Coverage of our Work.

Fall Kill Project Awarded EPA Grant June 27, 2012

The US Environmental Protection Agency has awarded the Urban Waters Small Grant to the Fall Kill Creek project, helping to launch the next step in engaging Poughkeepsie citizens in the creek’s revitalization. Out of nearly 600 applications nationwide, the Fall Kill project was one of 46 grant recipients. The grant is part of the EPA’s Urban Waters program, which supports community efforts to improve access and quality of urban waterfront spaces.

Safari 4 Beijing Subway Installation Closes June 6, 2012

Safari 4’s installation along Beijing’s No. 4 line closes tomorrow, May 31. Since January, Beijing’s newest subway line has offered riders a self-guided tour of Beijing’s most vibrant ecosystems, with a combination of installed videos and map brochures. More on Safari 4.

Beijing residents can continue to use the No. 4 subway line to explore urban animal life using the Safari 4 here. A map brochure can be downloaded here.

SAFARI 4 is the second in a series of urban wildlife tours. The project began with SAFARI 7, a tour along New York City’s No. 7 line, in January 2009. After Beijing, the project will travel to other Columbia University locations throughout the world, from Sao Paolo to Mumbai, Amman, and Moscow. Stay tuned.

Janette Kim at Hudson River Watershed Conference May 30, 2012

The Hudson River Watershed Alliance held its 6th Annual Conference in December titled “Watershed Management on a Shoestring Budget.” Janette Kim and Ryan Palmer (Hudson River Sloop Clearwater) were invited to run a workshop around the Fall Kill Plan. Fall Kill was taken as a case study for comprehensive stream corridor planning that can increase public access to waterfronts and foster community-wide environmental stewardship. More on the Fall Kill Plan.

Janette Kim Speaks at Rivers “R” Us May 30, 2012

Janette Kim presented with Jenny Prince, Anshutz Distinguished Fellow in American Studies, at Rivers “R” Us: Reviving Rivers, Reinventing Cities at Princeton on December 7. Janette spoke about Poughkeepsie and the Fresh Kill Creek project in response to the following prompt:

Two concrete rivers: one neglected, one infamous (think Terminator 2). How are the cutting-edge projects to revitalize them addressing the cities’ most dramatic ecological and social challenges, to reinvent these cities to be more livable, more equitable, more sustainable?

“Yes, L.A. Has a River!,” Jenny Price, Anschutz Distinguished Fellow in American Studies
“Poughkeepsie’s Backyard Infrastructure,” Janette Kim, Urban Landscape Lab, Columbia University GSAPP

The event was co-sponsored by the Princeton Environmental Institute and Princeton University American Studies and moderated by American Studies Acting Director William Gleason.

Janette Kim at University of Toronto May 30, 2012

Janette Kim presented at the University of Toronto for a conference titled “OP CITY: Figuring the Urban Future.” Janette discussed the issue of risk through the Underdome project, in response to a question posed by the organizers about how architects respond to uncertainty in the city. More information about Underdome.

Other presenters included:

  • ASSAF BIDERMAN (MIT, SENSEable City Laboratory)
  • AZIZA CHAOUNI (Bureau E.A.S.T.)
  • JOHN DANAHY (Landscape Architect, CLR)
  • PENELOPE DEAN (University of Illinois at Chicago)
  • RODOLPHE el-KHOURY (Khoury Levit Fong)
  • RODNEY HOINKES (UToronto, ETH, Zurich, Harvard GSD)
  • JIANG JUN (Underline Office)
  • BEN KATCHOR (Parsons)
  • ROBERT LEVIT (Khoury Levit Fong)
  • TIM LOVE (Utile)
  • LAURA MILLER (borfax/BLU)
  • HUNTER TURA (Bruce Mau Design, Inc.)
  • ROGER SHERMAN (Roger Sherman Architecture and Urban Design)
  • RICHARD SOMMER (Dean of John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design, UToronto)

The symposium was organized by Richard Sommer and Roger Sherman and was held April 20-21.

Janette Kim at Manufacturing Landscapes Exhibition & Symposium May 30, 2012

The Chicago Architectural Club hosted the Manufacturing Landscapes Exhibition & Symposium in May. The symposium raised the question of how infrastructure and ecology can inform one another to create a more resilient urban fabric. As part of the symposium, Janette Kim presented her work on the Underdome project, Safari 7 and the ongoing Fresh Kill Creek revitalization project.

The symposium raised the question of how infrastructure and ecology can inform one another to create a more resilient urban fabric, and included these delightfully bizarre and stunningly beautiful projects.

Other presenters included:


Fall Kill Plan Released May 30, 2012

The Fall Kill Plan is now available in print!

The Fall Kill Plan establishes design and urban planning guidelines for transforming the Fall Kill Creek into a vibrant community resource. All are invited to read the plan, offer their feedback, and get involved in future efforts. The plans and designs here are created to prompt open-ended discussions about the creek’s future. It is now available for download here. You can also purchase a hardcopy here.

In addition to the Fall Kill Plan, A User’s Guide to the Fall Kill Creek has also been recently released! More information is available at the Fall Kill website.

A User’s Guide to Fall Kill Creek Released January 25, 2012

FlippingBook WordPress Gallery

We are proud to announce the release of A User’s Guide to the Fall Kill Creek. Inside, we detail ideas for the future of the creek and the role localized green infrastructure can play. More information on the whole of the master planning project can be found here and if you would like a printed copy, you can purchase one  here.

Public Horizon Exhibition Opening November 3, 2011

We exhibited all design proposals for the Public Horizon installation as mini-panoramas at Studio-X in conjunction with Open House New York.

Check out more images from the night and each of the schemes here.

Janette Kim at After Effects Symposium October 28, 2011

Ohio State University’s Knowlton Architecture School hosted the After Effects Symposium exploring emerging metrics in landscape. As part of the conference, Janette Kim was part of a panel discussion on political landscape that included:

JANETTE KIM, Urban Landscape Lab, GSAPP
JACOB BOSWELL, Ohio State University, Knowlton School of Architecture, moderator

Find more information on the symposium here.

Janette Kim Speaks at Bard College October 16, 2011

Janette Kim recently took a trip upstate to present the Public Horizon project and the Poughkeepsie Fall Kill Plan at Bard College at the Environmental and Urban Studies Fall Speakers Series, organized by Jonathan Shapiro Anjaria, Assistant Professor of Anthropology. The talk, entitled, “Room for Debate,” reviewed issues of public contention and engagement in these two Urban Landscape Lab projects.

Find more information about the event here.

Underdome awarded Graham Foundation Grant October 6, 2011

In October 2010, Columbia’s Urban Landscape Lab—led by Janette Kim and Erik Carver, with support from the Van Alen Institute—held the Underdome Sessions symposia and launched an online guide, The project mapped contending energy agendas to start a new conversation on architecture’s agency within political ecology.

The Underdome Handbook builds on and extends this work. It reveals debates between policy makers, economists, historians, and engineers; commissions editorials from symposia moderators Reinhold Martin, Jonathan Massey, Michael Osman, and Georgeen Theodore; and constructs a taxonomy of strategies around power, territory, lifestyle, and risk. The agendas that have emerged are tested in contemporary design practice through twenty case-study articles. The guide becomes a critical nexus: not only a document of unique conversations about priorities in the face of energy imperatives, but also a playbook influencing practice and future public programs.


A panel discussion with:
RANIA GHOSN, University of Michigan, and editor, Landscapes of Energy
MATTHEW WALD, New York Times

Wood Auditorium, Avery Hall, 1172 Amsterdam Avenue
Directions: 1 to W116th Street,
Free and open to the public.

The Underdome Sessions are a series of panel discussions on energy and public life. The series examines issues mapped out in Underdome, an architect’s guide to contending energy agendas founded by Erik Carver and Urban Landscape Lab Director Janette Kim. Following sessions in October 2010 on Risk, Territory, Power and Lifestyle, this fifth session brings designers and commentators together to question nuclear energy in the post-Fukushima environmental and political landscape

Safari 4 featured in Beijing Design Week September 22, 2011

Safari 4, Beijing was launched as part of the 2011 Beijing Design Week festival, an initiative of the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and the Municipal Government of Beijing.  Safari 4′s contribution to the festival includes a public map guide to sites of ecological and urban interest along the 4 line.  The guide was distributed to the public at BJDW information booths in Sanlitun, Dashilar, and the 751 gallery district, and on roving hutong carts in Dashilar.

For more information check out the Beijing Design Week website here.

Safari 4 Project + Website Launch September 21, 2011

Safari 4 Beijing is here! Safari 4 is the second in a series of urban wildlife tours, and covers the No. 4 line in Beijing. Beijing tours include a video following Beijing’s historic waterways currently tracked by the 4 line, and the use of subway excavation material to make Yangshan Mountain in Beijing’s new Olympic Forest Park.

Follow us to Beijing, find out more and explore the new site here.

Fall Kill Public Meetings September 3, 2011

This past summer we launched a series of public meetings to discuss the Fall Kill Plan. At our first meeting, on July 6th,  the design team presented research on use, neighborhoods, water quality, and habitat; and presented schematic master plan drawings.  Participants discussed issues and potentials of the creek, and created initial drafts of a future Fall Kill Creek Handbook for Poughkeepsie residents.  At the second meeting, on August 18th, the design team presented master plan drawings, a draft version of the Fall Kill Handbook, and schematic designs for three pilot sites.

As the project progresses, we look forward to more meetings and continuing the conversation. For a more thorough recap of the meeting, check out Fall Kill’s blog and broader project information and documentation can be found here.

Underdome Series: Panel Discussion Series Launched March 7, 2011

DATE: October 2010
LOCATION: Studio-X, 180 Varick Street, Suite 1610 NYC

The Underdome Sessions is a series of panel discussions on energy and public life.  Hosted by Studio X, these discussions will cover the four main themes of the Underdome project: risk, lifestyle, power, and territory.

More information available here.

Underdome Website Launched March 7, 2011

The Urban Landscape Lab is pleased to announce the launch of the Underdome project website. Organized by Janette Kim and Erik Carver, Underdome is an architect’s guide to contending energy agendas.  Find out more and explore the new site here.

Janette Presents at Studio-X Book Launch March 7, 2011

DATE: Fri, 2010-10-08
LOCATION: Storefront for Art and Architecture, 97 Kenmare St, NYC, 10012

Janette presents at the book launch for The Studio-X NY Guide to Liberating New Forms of Conversation (GSAPP Books, 2010), edited by Gavin Browning.  In a dialogue with the audience, Janette asks the question, “What meal has highest species count?”  Species count, or biodiversity, is an important theme in ULL’s Safari 7 project.

This event was hosted by the Storefront for Art and Architecture, as part of their Cabaret series.



Janette Kim Presents Underdome at Storefront for Art and Architecture February 26, 2011

DATE: Fri, 2011-01-28
LOCATION: Storefront for Art and Architecture, 97 Kenmare St, NYC, 10012

Janette presents Underdome at the Infrastructure Opportunism event hosted by the Storefront for Art and Architecture, as part of their Manifesto series.  The event will focus on innovative ideas that work “towards a new methodology of action for the 21st century.”


Mimi Zeiger
Diana Balmori
Jason Vigneri-Beane
Lydia Kallipoliti
Andrew Blum
Joyce Hwang
Janette Kim
Infranet Lab

WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show February 24, 2011

Glen Cummings and Janette Kim spoke with Brian Lehrer about Safari 7. Listen to the entire podcast here.

Safari 7 Wins 2008 National ASLA Honor Award February 24, 2011

Safari 7 has won a 2008 National ASLA honor award in the Communications category. link

“It shows that ecology is right in front of your doorstep. And you don’t necessarily need an iPhone, you have that brochure. The graphics are so stylistic and hip—well done!”
—2010 Professional Awards Jury

Arts for Transit Celebrates Earth Day with Safari 7 February 23, 2011

Safari 7 is partnering with MTA Arts for Transit to celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd. Look for Safari 7 throughout the city!  The focus of the Earth Day features is the Safari 7 Base Camp, on display at EarthWeek, an exhibition at Grand Central Terminal, in Vanderbilt Hall, organized by Earth Day New York.

School Groups Visit Safari 7 Base Camp February 23, 2011

Safari 7 volunteers welcomed school groups from around the city to the Base Camp exhibit at Grand Central Terminal. Visitors came from K-12 and college level classes, after school groups, and ESL classes

Students from the program High 5 went on Safari on the 7 train using our Educational Toolkit (complete with mp3 players, maps, and headphones).

If you are an educator interested in Safari 7, Please contact us at and see our educator’s guide here.

Dr. Steven Handel Gives Weed Talk at Grand Central Terminal February 23, 2011

At the Safari 7 Base Camp closing party on April 24th, plant ecologist Dr. Steven Handel, from the Weed Walk podcast series, spoke about the hardiness and resourcefulness of New York’s ‘weeds’: plantain, sedum, and mugwort, among others. With plants fresh from Queens in hand, Steven led a plant ID session and T-shirt giveaway.

Mushroom Tour of New Calvary Cemetery February 23, 2011

MycoMap Mushroom Hunt

Sunnyside and Woodside neighborhood residents joined mycologist Gary Lincoff for a mushroom hunt in New Cavalry Cemetary in Queens on Sunday Jun 13th from 1-3pm. They say that cemeteries can be the best places to find peace, solitude… and mushrooms. We found out why and learned how to identify and forage for mushrooms in New York City with a group of experts, dabblers and mushroom enthusiasts. We met at the 52nd st station off the 7 train; the tour began at 1pm and was free and open to the public.

This event was part of the Queens Arts Express, an annual spring arts festival is packed with arts exhibitions, festive events, and live performances in public spaces throughout neighborhoods clustered along the 7 train route.

The MycoMap project is a collaboration between Strataspore, the Urban Landscape Lab, the Spatial Information Design LabAnne Yen (Illustrator), and Networked Organisms.

Safari 7 on QPTV February 23, 2011

Tune in to hear Kate Orff interviewed by Queens Council on the Arts Director Hoong Yee Lee Krakauer.

Date    Day    Time   Time Warner / RCN / Verizon

July 1   Thu.     6PM             34              82         34

July 2    Fri.      7PM             34              82         34

July 6   Tue.     10AM           57              85         37

July 7   Wed.    8PM             34              82         34

July 22  Thu.    6PM             34              82         34

Janette Kim Presents Safari 7 at “Paths in Münsterland” Conference February 19, 2011

DATE: Mon, 2011-03-28
TIME: 2:00pm
LOCATION: LWL Museum of Natural History, Zeiss Planetarium, Sentruper Street 285, 48161 Münster

Janette Kim will present the Safari 7 project at the “Paths in Munsterland” conference held at the LWL Museum of Natural History.  The event will focus on how different means of transportation can influence and shape regions.

Janette Kim’s Design for National AIDS Memorial featured in “The Grove” February 19, 2011

The Grove,” a feature-length documentary film from Open Eye Pictures, pays tribute to the victims of the AIDS epidemic.  This film showcases Janette Kim’s contest-winning design for the National AIDS Memorial, referred to as “the best kept secret in San Francisco.”   “The Grove” has not yet been released in theaters, but the trailer can be watched below.

Oberlin College Hosts Janette Kim as Guest Lecturer February 19, 2011

DATE: Mon, 2010-02-15
TIME: 5:00-7:00pm
LOCATION: Allen Memorial Art Building, Allen Memorial Art Building, Room @ 87 North Main St., Oberlin, OH

Janette speaks at Oberilin College on the topic of “Counting Carbon: Expanding the Logic of Efficiency.”  This event, part of the  Ward Visiting Lectureship in Architectural History series, is sponsored by the Art Department at Oberlin.

UrbanOmnibus Interviews Janette Kim and Erik Carver about Underdome February 19, 2011

Janette and Erik discuss the Underdome project in an interview with UrbanOmnibus.

Underdome’s founders explain how they hope users will interact with the site as well as the ideas behind the project.  UrbanOmnibus recognizes Underdomes’s ambitious attempt to “advance the dialogue about energy, architecture and public life.”

Read the full article here.

Janette Kim and Kate Orff Present the Work of the Urban Landscape Lab at GSAPP’s Advanced Research Program February 19, 2011

Directors from  of GSAPP’s research labs present their work with slides and discussion. Janette Kim and Katherine Orff share the work of the Urban Landscape Lab. The ULL presentation, which focuses mostly on the Safari 7 project, begins at 0:26:30.


Phillip Anzalone, Fabrication Lab
Toru Hasegawa, Cloud Lab
Janette Kim, Urban Landscape Lab
Katherine Orff, Urban Landscape Lab
Sarah Williams, Spatial Information Design Lab


Manthanaj Ratinam, Moving Image Lab


Mabel Wilson, Advanced Architectural Research Program, GSAPP

Architect Magazine February 19, 2011

Janette Kim and Erik Carver talk to Architect Magazine about the ideas and vision behind Underdome.

The article recognizes Underdome for its ambitious attempt to help architects become leaders in sustainability:  “If architects can better influence energy use as it relates to the future shape of society as a whole, perhaps it won’t take a disaster to make the decision for us.”

Read the full article here.

Janette Kim Presents Underdome at “Fourth Natures: Mediated Landscapes” February 19, 2011

CONFERENCE: Sat, 2011-02-05
LOCATION: University of Waterloo School of Architecture, 7 Melville Street South, Cambridge, Ontario

The “Fouth Natures: Mediated Landscapes” conference in Ontario brought together a wide range of speakers including Underdome’s Janette Kim. The conference examined the intersection of the natural environment with the built environment, focusing on topics of architecture, infrastrcuture, landscape, and sustainability.


François Roche, New Territories/ R&Sie(n)
Ila Berman, Studio Matrixx/California College of the Arts
Martin Felsen,Urban Lab/Illinois Institute of Technology
Lydia Kallipoliti, EcoRedux/Cooper Union/Columbia University
Janette Kim, Urban Landscape Lab/Columbia University
Sean Lally, WEATHERS/The University of Illinois-Chicago
Liat Margolis, GRIT LAB/University of Toronto
Christine Macy, Filum/Dalhousie University
John J. May, Unviertsity of Toronto
John McMinn, University of Waterloo
Andy Payne, University of Tornoro
Alessandra Ponte, Université de Montréal/ Queensland University of Technology
Cary Wolfe, Rice University

Janette presents Underdome at Solar One’s PechaKucha-style “NYC Future Metropolis” February 18, 2011

PANEL DISCUSSION: Thu, 2011-02-17, 7:00-9:00pm
LOCATION: The Educational Alliance, 197 E. Broadway, NYC

Solar One is hosting a Pecha Kucha-style panel discussion addressing topics of sustainability in New York City.  Volume II of the NYC Future Metropolis series will focus on the greening of New York through the changing of both infrastructures and ideas. The list of invited speakers includes a mix of professors, artists, activists, business professionals and Underdome’s Janette Kim.  For more information and to RSVP, visit Solar One’s event page.  The $5 registration fee will be waived for the first 50 people to register for the event via MeetUp.


Jeff Perlman, NYC smart electric grid/Bright Power
Rosanne Hoyem, NYC Solar America City/CUNY
Janette Kim, Underdome Project/Columbia University
Diallo Shabazz, Green Jobs Program/Solar One
Amy Bucciferro, Short-Sea Shipping for NYC’s Food Supply
Kubi Ackerman, NYC Foodshed Initiative/Columbia University
Jackie Brookner, Public Environmental Art/Artist
Deirdre Lizio, Retrofit Block by Block/Pratt Center for Community Development

Safari 7 at the Urban Wilderness Action Center at Eyebeam March 24, 2010

Safari 7 participated in the Wilderness Action Center’s multi-city event at the Eyebeam Art + Technology Center. Mike Robitz set up three map tables/listening stations and invited participants to embark on their own self-guided tour of urban wildlife along the No. 7 Subway line.

“The Urban Wilderness Action Center (UWAC) is a project initiated by Jon Cohrs, in collaboration with the Eyebeam Student Residents (New York), Stephanie Pereira, and UK-based artist Kai-Oi Jay Yung (UK). The UWAC project includes a web platform and a day of action where people from NYC, Berlin, and London will design and disseminate guerrilla gardening projects.” –

Safari 7 Educator’s Roundtable November 22, 2009

The Urban Landscape Lab and MTWTF hosted an Educator’s Roundtable at the Safari 7 Reading Room at Studio-X to discuss urban ecology education at the K-12 levels, and to explore how Safari 7 can contribute to programming and curriculum. Participants:

Heather Cardinale, New York City Dept. of Education
Rachel Crumpler, Queens Museum of Art
Glen Cummings, Safari 7
Nathaniel Curtis, iLAND Art
Amanda Dargan, City Lore
Edward Eckert, Growing Up Green Charter School
Christopher Kennedy, Strataspore and Solar One
Janette Kim, Safari 7
Helen Kongsgaard, Safari 7
Jonathan Payne, Safari 7
Miriam Walls, New York City Dept. of Education
(November 22, 2009)

The Safari 7 Open House is Saturday, Nov 7 November 3, 2009

LOCATION: Studio-X 180 Varick Street, Ste 1610 New York, NY 10014 – 1 Train to Houston Street
EXHIBITION DATES: October 15-December 31, 2009

Join the curators of Safari 7 in this day-long open house of “Safari 7 Reading Room,” an exhibition including a series of 3D maps, audio listening stations, curated reading materials, and a series of large-scale drawings of animal habitats, behaviors and life cycles in relationship to urban culture and history at selected sites along the MTA No. 7 line.

Safari 7 Reading Room Media Coverage October 22, 2009

Safari 7 Reading Room Opening Party at Studio-X – October 15 September 30, 2009

PRESS PREVIEW: 6-7PM with exhibition curators
LOCATION: Studio-X 180 Varick Street, Ste 1610 New York, NY 10014 – 1 Train to Houston Street
EXHIBITION DATES: October 15-December 31, 2009

Oysters, dogs, humans, worms, snakefish, cormorants and germs are some of the species that populate the length of the MTA 7 train. The “Safari 7 Reading Room” is an exhibition that presents a series of 3D maps, audio listening stations, curated reading materials, and a series of large-scale drawings of animal habitats, behaviors and life cycles in relationship to urban culture and history at selected sites along the MTA No. 7 line. and

This exhibition is opening in conjunction with the conference ECOGRAM II: Architecture for a Crowded Planet at Columbia University (GSAPP), at Studio-X, a downtown studio for design and research run by GSAPP. It is generously supported by the the Dean’s Office at the Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation of Columbia University. Additional funding from CeX Complete Entertainment Exchange and Ito En.

“Crisis in Crisis” is out now. September 30, 2009

“Crisis in Crisis” by Erik Carver and Janette Kim is out now in Volume 20: Storytelling, and in Urban China bootlegged by C-Lab for Volume. We examine the Biosphere 2 project’s origins and afterlives as a way to consider contested theories of ecology, crisis, and response– as well as ideologies of self-sufficiency in contemporary urbanism.

Janette Kim lectures at AIA/LA Urban Design Committee August 6, 2009

WED 7PM @ AIA Los Angeles 3780 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 800

Janette is presenting Safari 7 at “Parks without Borders: A Roundtable Discussion,” moderated by Deborah Richmond and Stephanie Reich.

Van Alen Institute New York Prize Fellowship announced. July 10, 2009

Erik Carver and Janette Kim have been awarded the 2009-2010 Van Alen Institute New York Prize Fellowship to develop a project called Underdome. “This year’s Fellowship projects focus on three areas of inquiry to which Van Alen Institute has had a long-standing commitment: architectural education, energy policy in relation to the built environment, and techniques of urban representation,” stated jury member and acting Van Alen Co-director Joan Ockman. “The projects address these issues in particularly challenging and innovative ways. We are very excited about the new thinking and synergy they will bring to Van Alen in the coming year.”

Janette Kim lectures at Mobius Los Angeles AIA June 26, 2009

FRI 9:15AM @ LA Convention Center

Janette is presenting “Beyond Recreation” at panel discussion called “Parks Without Borders: Public Park Design across Agencies, Boundaries, and Systems” at the Mobius Los Angeles AIA conference moderated by Deborah Richmond and Stephanie Reich.

Safari 7 Tour June 11, 2009

SUN 1PM @ Front of Times Square No. 7 Platform
SUN 2PM @ Front of Flushing Main Street No. 7 Platform

The next Safari 7 tour will be held as a part of Queens Art Express, a multi-day multi-venue art extravaganza that will take place on three weekends in Spring 2009. Please join us! To participate, follow these two simple steps:

  1. Download the Safari 7 podcasts and load them on your mp3 players.
  2. Meet at the front of the No. 7 platform at Times Square at 1:00pm. We will ride the subway from Times Square to Flushing.


Meet at the front of the No. 7 platform at Flushing Main Street at 2:00pm. We will ride the subway from Flushing to Times Square.

Safari 7 Media Coverage May 29, 2009

Join us for the Safari 7 beta launch on May 16! May 14, 2009

SUN 1PM @ Front of Times Square No. 7 Platform
SUN 2PM @ Front of Flushing Main Street No. 7 Platform

In our first Safari 7 tour, we will ride the subway from Times Square to Flushing followed by snacks at the Flushing Mall. Please join us! To participate, follow these two simple steps:

  1. Download the Safari 7 podcasts and load them on your mp3 players.
  2. Meet at the front of the No. 7 platform at Times Square on Saturday, May 16th at 11:00am.

This Is Newark! opens at Aljira April 12, 2009

FRI 6-8PM, Closing Reception @ Aljira, A Center for Contemporary Art, 591 Broad Street, Newark, NJ 07102

The City of Newark Division of Planning & Community Development and Aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art are pleased to present THIS IS NEWARK, an exhibition of proposals for marking the points of arrival to Newark and addressing the history and culture of Newark in the urban landscape.

This Is Newark! Gateway Urban Design Roundtable Discussion April 8, 2009

SAT 2-4PM @ Aljira, A Center for Contemporary Art, 591 Broad Street, Newark, NJ 07102

Please join the City of Newark Division of Planning & Community Development and Aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art for a roundtable discussion of proposals for marking the points of arrival to Newark and addressing the history and culture of the city in the urban landscape. Presented in conjunction with the exhibition THIS IS NEWARK Gateway Urban Design. Speakers: Glen Cummings / MTWTF, Gladys Grauer / Black Woman in Visual Perspective, Brian McGrath and Victoria Marshall / Urban Interface and TILL, Madeline Ruiz / M|RUIZ design, Ade Tugbiyele Sedita, Anker West & Ada Caro, and other contributing artists and designers. Moderated by Damon Rich, Newark Urban Designer.

This is Newark Media Coverage March 21, 2009

This Is Newark! Symbols for a City March 3, 2009

WED 6–9PM (doors open 5:30 pm) @ Newark Museum, 49 Washington Street, Newark, NJ 07102

A public conversation about urban design and identity organized by The City of Newark Division of Planning & Community Development and the Rutgers University Institute on Ethnicity, Culture, and the Modern Experience. Panelists: Dr. Clement Price, Richard Cammarieri, Robert Curvin, Victor Davson, Carol Johnston, Ade Sedita, Gladys Grauer, Gordon Kipping, Shay-La Maxwell, Tritonic & more.

Janette Kim lectures at Designing the Parks Conference December 10, 2008

WED DEC 10 @ Cavallo Point at Fort Baker

Janette is presenting “Beyond Recreation” at the Designing the Parks Conference at a session on “Visitor’s Experience” moderated by Shaun Eyring.