Military members, including reservists, spouses and others affiliated with the Armed forces needing quick cash have several different options.  They offer fast approval and lightening speed funding. The types of loans available and important details are discussed below.

If you are concerned about your credit rating, there are loans that can be obtained without a hard credit check.  This is available to non-active military, reservist, spouse and affiliate military service members.  A “hard” credit check is one that is reflected on your credit rating as a hard inquiry.  It can show up as a negative entry on your credit report.  It is a good idea to avoid it if you can.

Military Loans are installment loans.  They are unsecured, meaning they are not based on an asset like a house or car.  Installment loans are paid back, usually in one to five years incrementally—payments are made each month.  They can be for as much as $40000.  The payments are low, there are no hidden fees and the terms are fair.  Direct deposit to your account is assured.

Your reason for quick cash may be for a happy reason or to handle one of the wrenches thrown into daily living.  Perhaps you fall in love.  And, want to propose to your girlfriend/boyfriend.  Quick cash will allow you to purchase that all-important ring so you can seal the deal.  You might also need quick cash to handle an emergency such as car repairs.   New tires, transmission difficulties or “it just won’t start” can be expensive.  Living without your car is difficult.  You might have to take public transportation to work or arrange a car pool for your children to get to school.  Quick cash can definitely help.

Other emergencies that can take place are a plumbing problem that occurs on a holiday and can ruin your celebration.  The plumber is going to charge extra for working on a holiday in addition to the service call.  It is well documented that whenever there is a freezing, cold day, our most vulnerable elderly residents can lose their lives if their furnace quit working.   Sometimes a loan can save a life.

Retired and active duty military are also given special consideration with regard to buying a home.  Much of active military life is nomadic, different deployments mean moving a lot. When you have the luxury to stay put, buying a home might be the best move. Veteran agencies have created benefits to reward Active Military and Veteran’s service.  Any military member with a Certificate of Eligibility (COE)* can use a VA home loan. VA Mortgages have low, fixed payments.  They require no down payment.  There is no PMI insurance, PMI insurance can double your mortgage payments.  Such a loan can be used to buy a home or land, build a home, make “green” improvements and renovations to an existing home, or buy a fixer upper and make the repairs and improvements on your own.

We honor active duty and retired military service people.  Thank you for your sacrifice.  When you need quick cash, there are several choices available.  Some require no credit check.  Approval is fast and funding is quick.  The money is often deposited directly to your checking account.  There are never any hidden fees.  For fair and honest service, you won’t find a better loan than those discussed here.

*COE—Obtained through your VA’s ebenefits portal.