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Master Plan

A Master Plan for transforming sites along the Fall Kill Creek into neighborhood hubs in the City of Poughkeepsie.

Fall Kill Creek Master Plan and Signage

The Fall Kill Plan establishes design and urban planning guidelines for transforming a creek in Poughkeepsie, New York, into a vibrant community resource. The Urban Landscape Lab, led by Janette Kim, created a research report, phased master plan for public greenways, and designs for three pilot sites along the creek. To initiate the implementation of these plans, the design team created a handbook for residents, city agencies, businesses, and local institutions to connect green infrastructure practices to their land use needs. The first phase of the master plan, a signage project along major bridge crossings over the creek, will be installed in July 2012.

The Fall Kill Plan was initiated and organized by the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc. and the Fall Kill Watershed Committee.

Project Coordinator: Ryan Palmer
Green Cities Department at Clearwater.

Special Thanks to the following Committee Members: Andrew Sawtelle and Elizabeth Celaya
(Hudson River Housing), Bob Mallory (City of
Poughkeepsie Common Council, 3rd Ward), Ed
Glisson (Mid Hudson Children’s Museum), Harvey
Flad (Vassar College), Jeff Anzevino (Scenic
Hudson), Joe Chenier and Jason Teed (City of
Poughkeepsie Engineering Department), Nancy
Cozean (Upper Landing Committee), Roy Budnik
(Mid Hudson Heritage Center), John Mylod (City
Resident, Fisherman), and John Clarke (Dutchess
County Planning Department), Chris Bowser
and Emily Vail (NYS DEC Hudson River Estuary Program).

Sponsor: The Fall Kill Plan is supported by a New York Stage Hudson River Estuary Program grant: Assessing Watershed Restoration Opportunities in the Fall Kill Watershed.

Design Team:

  • Janette Kim, Urban Landscape Lab, Columbia University
    Team Coordinator
  • Matthew Slaats, PAUSE
    Community Outreach Leader
  • Alice Feng, Landmine Studio
    Landscape Designer
  • Eric Rothstein, eDesign Dynamics
    Habitat and Hydrology Specialist
  • Research and design fellows: Eliza Montgomery, Marianne Koch, Caroline Ellis, John Buonocore, Sydney Talcott, and Meg Kelly.

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