There are some good SEO packages in UAE which you can sue and get advantage from them but to get the best of them you need to have proper information about what to search and how to search. You need to search a lot of different keywords before you get to the right one for your website and then you have to constantly change and improve those keywords too. There is no one formula to get success in this field but to put effort and give time to this work. You can hire a web design company to design your website and then you can start working on it. There are a few questions which you need to ask from yourself before starting any website and before uploading any content on that. Following are those questions:

Is your content unique? This is an important question to ask. You can get the inspiration from any of the website or books but you have to write down your content entirely by your own mind and if you are using some of the words then you have to clearly mention the original author there. In this way you will get saved from the copyrighting issue which may ruin your website reputation.

What is the format of content? You need to have a certain format for you content. If you cannot use a uniform format for your entire website then you have to do it at least for every content. If you are writing article then you have to see that whether the article is going to be tin the list form, paragraph form or in the listing form. You need to use the same bullets or points throughout one article so that it will look good and reader will enjoy reading that.

Do images are necessary? You need to ask this question that according to your content, images are necessary or not. You need to know that visual things are more attractive and people will like those most. You can add images and videos to your content but make sure that they should not be very heavy because it will cause the lag to the website. A website which takes more time to open will not get more visitors as people will not like to wait for content to get uploaded very late.