Children always become excited when they see balloons, never mind in a shopping mall, other people’s homes or even out in the open fields. They love to bang on them, toss them around, play with them like a ball or just let them escape up into the skies. Children cannot feel the sense of a party without the incorporation of balloons. Party gift books, craft websites, balloon and party stores offer many creative and alluring ideas on ways to engulf balloons in a child’s party. Let’s take a look at some helpful ideas for including balloons in a kid’s party.

A clown is a party’s ball of fire. Children are captivated by the clown’s mastery in contorting simple balloons into quirky objects and animals like a dog, giraffe, sword, heart and more.
A classic summer time preference of most kids’ parties is to arrange for water balloon fights especially outdoors.

Water Balloon Dunk Contest- This game is usually seen in a fairground, as it requires the right help and equipment. For a kids’ party however, you may set up a water tank in your backyard. The target is to be the first to dunk the person sitting on top of the water tank; kids find it hilarious to see adults submerged underwater.

Balloon helicopter- Air escaping from a blown up balloon excites kids and they enjoy flying them up into the air. You can even tie a toy helicopter to the balloon to make it more fun.

Balloon flight competition- Attach a post card to each participant’s balloon with their name and address and release them into the air. The hope is to get the balloon back by someone who encounters yours. The winner then can be the one who gets his balloon back first or the one whose balloon goes beyond boundaries to most distant areas.

Balloon Pop Race- A relay style race with two rows of children at one end, each row kids would take turns racing against another child in order to pop the balloon first. The row which pops the most balloons, wins.

Number balloons can also be used in games where prizes are given out. Each balloon would have a number on it and when that number corresponds with the number drawn from a lucky draw cup will be the winner.

Inserting small prizes or notes inside balloons and calling shooters with darts to burst them would be fun too.

You may opt for balloon orders online or search for shapes balloons, object balloons and number balloons online for a wide variety.