Only few people might be left in this world that actually have the hobby of collecting stamps. Other than collecting stamps of countries, there are some people who collect company stamp in UAE as well – not the official ones but the ones which are on a letter which are used to send promotional gifts in Dubai. There are different kinds of stamps and you will be surprised to know that stamps don’t only come in square but they come in different shapes like fruits; we saw one shaped like a banana. And we also saw a holographic stamp that was launched in 2000. If you want to know more about stamps then facts are the best way to know it.

  1. Famous Collectors: stamp collecting hobby started from the 17th century and among famous collectors, there is the queen, famous athletes like tennis players, member of the Beatles band and an ex French president – they all still collect stamps.
  2. Stamp with a Chocolate Flavor: when there is chocolate, it has to be Belgium. And in 2013, the country made chocolate flavored stamps. They not only gave the fragrance of chocolate but they were shaped in different chocolates and even tasted differently as well. This was done for the appreciation of chocolatiers and these stamps were distributed among Switzerland, Germany and Netherlands.
  3. A Stamp with No Country Name: the first professional stamp came in 1840 and it had a nickname as well penny black and it was made to send a half an ounce package. The sender did not had to pay for the stamps but the collector had to pay and that is why it did not had any country name on it.
  4. The Most Famous Stamp in USA: USA is a big country and it has many states and it has some of the most famous places on Earth and the world’s most famous stamp does not have a name of a place but it has the face of Elvis Presley on it and these were printed in 1993 and 124 million copies were saved.
  5. The Wonders of America is the Biggest Yet: this is the stamp that sold many million copies and till date, it is famous.
  6. Sci-Fi and Superheroes: there are stamps of superman, batman, and of different super hero characters.