A good mattress is really important for a good night’s sleep. People have sleeping issues and they think it is because of some stress or another reason what they do not realize is that one of the core reasons that they are not getting enough sleep is their mattress. There are so many signs that your mattress is the reason behind your lack of sleep. If even after getting eight hours of sleep, you have backache or pain in your neck then it is a confirming sign that your mattress is your problem and you need to get rid of it.

Sometimes, people keep using their decade’s old mattress because they think that they will not feel comfortable on a new mattress which is not true. You might feel a little discomfort for a few days but you will eventually get comfortable with it. Whereas if you do not change it then your health-related issues will only increase with time because even mattresses have a time-limited after which they do not provide you comfort. There even lose their shape and can be damaging for your back. There are also some hygiene issues with old mattresses as all you sweat travels from your bedsheet to your mattress and this moist converts into molds which leads to spores. New mattresses are not that absorbent but the old ones are. Dust mites also form because of the dead skin we shed every day. Dust mites are dangerous as they can cause eczema and for people suffering asthma, having dust mites in your bed is the last thing they would want.

Old mattresses are deformed and can be bad for your back and neck. A new mattress does not take shape your sleeping posture which is good for a human body whereas you can easily determine where a person lies on an old mattress because of its deformity. Not all new mattresses are good for you. Every other person needs to see what kind of mattress their body is more comfortable in. Some people relax on spring mattresses and others on firm mattresses.

Choosing a mattress for you is not difficult. If you have any physical issues like back or neck pain then you must consult a doctor before buying a new mattress. There are medicated mattresses and pillows as well which you can buy if your doctor recommends it. If you live in Sharjah or have recently moved there then you must check out mattress shops in Sharjah as they have a large variety of mattresses and the best memory foam mattresses.