To select a gift is not difficult but when you are talking about giving someone modest clothing dubai then you have some great options and you can choose any of them in order to make other people happy with them. You need to search a lot of Islamic gift centers to get the ideas from there and know about the prices of different gifts because you need to get the one which you can afford easily. Here you will get to know about a few different gifts other than that compact prayer mat :


There will be a lot of different things out of which you can get the night lamps with the great recitation of different Surah and verses of Quran. You can have the lamp with recitation of Ayatul Kursi at night when you on that lamp. There will be some different voices out of which you can select and also you can select the color of light that lamp emit and the number of repetition of that verse.


There are a lot of different frames available in the market which you can chose and you have to see that these should have some Islamic design and verses on that. There are frames available in metal and wood also in plastic so you can choose which you like and which you can afford to buy. Some of these frames are simple at the edges and some are curved or being carved by hand or by machine but they will be expensive than the simple ones. You need to check them from a few different shops and then buy from where you see it is less expensive and of good quality.


This is an art which is not new and people are writing Quranic verses with different styles and modes and it will be a good gift to give someone when you have an occasion around the corner. These calligraphy sets are available in different sizes and in different number of boards. They are written by hand so these are a little expensive but they will considered as the best gift for your family members and friends as they will adore that master piece and place them on their walls. Whenever they see any of these pieces they will remember you and pray for you in this way.