When we are talking about taking care of the engines then the main thing is that the use of lubricants in them because they will help in making your engine run for longer time without having much difficulties and you also need to make sure that you are getting them from right industrial lubricant distributors as they will provide you some guidance along with the material. If you need something for your ships then you have to go for the marine heavy fuel oil as it will help your ships in working better while they are in the sea. You need to have some extra barrels with you because you never know when you will need them. Here are three different kinds of lubricants which you will know and the use the right type for your vehicle:

Many people will know about the lubricants that are available in the oil form because it is the most common type of lubricant and in most of the vehicle it is being used. They are available to use without doing anything extra to them or without mixing them with anything and also they are cheaper than other types very popular in the general public.

Grease is another kind of lubricant that you can use in your vehicles and it performs the same purpose but the difference is that it is stickier than the oil and the consistency is also less runny than oil. It is being used along with the oil to make the right consistency for your vehicle and you have to make sure that it will reach to the right part where it is needed. When you need to make it reach to the farther part then you can make it a little runnier so that it will reach there without you using your hands to pour at that place forcefully.

A rare kind of lubricant is the dry lubricant which is not very common and most people will not even know about that because it is used in very less situations. It is sometimes used when the part of the vehicle should not get something runny but also needs the slippery of the lubricant then these dry lubricants will be used in those parts to make sure their smooth running.  You can mix it with water or alcohol if needed.