When people get married, they think they will have stability, companionship, intimacy; and will make their own family with the person they get married. But it is not always easy to live with another human being. Everyone cannot make it work.

That results in creating a married life that can be considered torture that can lead to depression. Not being compatible is not only the only reason that leads to depression, times when there is a lack of communication between spouses. And they cannot talk about the emotional baggage they carry. or when there is no equality between the couple, one is more dominant than the other.

The other may feel over-powered in the relationship can cause much trouble. Both the spouse does not have to get into depression. Even a single person in a marriage gets into a depression, that marriage is considered an unhealthy marriage.

Many countries provide couples therapy so that the couple can solve their problems and take care of each other equally. So, others may not feel overpowered by their spouse. Dubai is one of the many countries to provide such a facility for couples that may need help to make their marriage a happy one.

Couples therapy Dubai shows a couple of different ways they can look after each other. That can be by paying attention to each other and things that may cause sadness and stress to another person. They may show you how to open a conversation with each other. And bring in an expert that can help you both.

Seeking help through couple counseling with a psychologist is always a good idea while dealing with an unhappy marriage, and you both want to change for good. Depression and problem see no time to come and attack even in these pandemic times. You can still get help through online psychologist Dubai. Online counseling may seem odd to you now, but studies have shown, it is as helpful as in-person counseling. It helps you Stay in your comfort zone. Online therapy is easy to access. At the same time, it saves us a lot of time.